Simplicity confuses people 

I’ve reading Gary Vee about this today. The email was from Dec 20th 2021, but the simplicity message is close to me as far as 2003 when I read something about:

Simplicity–the art of maximizing the amount of work not done–is essential.

— The Agile Manifesto

This was mind blowing as I was learning about this thing called agility and extreme programming.

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Delay to… when?

You can postpone some dreams and projects, but sometimes we are moving things away to some point in time where we can’t actually figure when it is going to happen.

This is not right, right?

I mean, we should be able to define some sort of checkpoint. Sometimes we can’t even cancel stuff, because we are waiting something.

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So… we start in bright colors and finish fading away?

I’m talking about an education revolution that should be in place everywhere. Sigh.

We start with lots of curiosity in place. We are capable to ask questions. We want to know all the answers. But soon we start seeing people telling us things are the way they are. People telling WHAT we need to learn and HOW we need to learn. And… could you elaborate on the why? They can… because they SAID so.

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