Always check reality

Say hello to the real world. Or the simulation we are living right now. In every possible situation, choose the red pill and find more about real real life.

Get out of the (cave) building! You have listened to this, already, I’m pretty sure.

I’m talking about this.

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Choose something to do daily. For 100 days in a row. That’s too much?

I thought that years ago, when I’ve spent 90 days writing. After that, I’ve stopped writing for another 90 days in a row. Not a good move, since I was trying to develop a new habit.

This sort of initiative is about finding your momentum.

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Pick you!

I’m not a good basketball player, and I can understand the feeling to be the last pick. But… there’s a good thing about this. I know that most of the times people are expecting nothing from me.

That’s a great feeling. Let me explain.

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