– 1 year after public launch

Since May of 2009 I’m playing as CIO / CTO for Trevisan Tecnologia, a mobile development company located in the south of Brazil.

My mission here is to create a new culture and help grow the company teams to enable the creation of new products. When I say culture I mean creating a Learning culture based on Lean and Agile practices. Our team is growing a lot and will keep growing. When I say new products, I’m saying Lean Startup style.

Today is a great day. is completing 1 year after public release. is a mobile platform that enables companies to deliver quality corporate mobile apps faster to the market. It’s simple, fast to develop, and you can find what you need to develop corporate mobile applications.

The good thing is to look back and see amazing things our team done, not only technically but also looking at the product itself. I’m proud to be part of this team.

We have published an infographic telling a bit of the story of this past year. infographic