Would you rather: lose your mind or quit your job?

“Rage quitting”? I was not aware of this term, but kind of agree with it.

What are your limits?

Once I’ve read something like actively disengaged workers. Now I’m reading about people quitting their jobs because they can’t take it anymore.

Sometimes stopping the line is the only option. Mentally there’s no more room to safety. People struggle to work with people they dislike or people they can’t put up with. Teamwork can’t be fake work.

If you have options or if you have some money saved, you can always choose you. But… some people need the money to pay bills, and quitting is not usually a possible choice. They need to find the next job first.

Make sure you have people to help you. People who can listen to your needs. Seek for professional help too.

In the end, it can be a good opportunity to check your essence, and not only get busy.

— Daniel Wildt

Extra: Business insider article about people quitting their jobs. Retirement is not the usual case. There’s another article about rage quitting. And I have a video about engagement at work.

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