Priority now

What’s next? The next one thing / project / goal. Not the next 100.

We should care more about less stuff. Can you prioritize? What is your method?

There are variables like reach, impact, confidence, effort, ROI, number of people / customers who asked about, available team, actionable market, timeline / due dates, dependencies… and many other possibilities.

It should be clear why you are choosing B and not A. You can document your process for later reference.

It is also important to understand that some constraints are enabling constraints. Lots of times I prioritize tasks I can do to enable people to do what they need to do. And later I choose to do tasks I can do at any time.

About projects the process is a bit different. We can play with a higher granularity. Also, what do you know about the project? Can you start three months from now? Do you need to learn something about the project objective before starting it?

Sometimes we need to remove business / technical risks before starting a project. We can use interviews, research and even smaller projects to learn more about the subject, so that we can better prioritize.

The only sure thing is:

There can be only one! (… priority)

Highlander (well, almost… :P)

— Daniel Wildt

Ruthless prioritization, from Brandon Chu.
RICE prioritization, from intercom blog.

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