Try everything

This reflection came after listening to “try everything”. That’s episode 71 from rework podcast. They were talking to Mert Iseri about his process to learn something new every year or sort of. 

I was thinking about my process and stuff I have learned through the years. 

Table Tennis at 12
Keyboard / Piano at 15 
Basketball at 15
Guitar at 16
Programming at 17  
Technical Writing 20  
Poetry at 21

Basketball at 27
Tennis at 28 
Time Management at 28
Neurolinguistic Programming at 28
Dad at 29
Neurolinguistic Programming at 32
Drums at 35
Book published at 36
Poetry at 37
Basketball skills training at 39
Dad at 40
Technical Writing at 41
Poetry at 41
Drums at 41

I see myself playing with subjects also creating side projects. Actually usually I do things thinking about how to apply. 

One of my interests while learning how to play drums and getting back playing with my guitar is not having a band. Or have an one person band. I want to able to record a full song playing all instruments. Do not intend to sing too, but who knows. 

Writing books, I want to make it become a routine. So I “decided” to publish 8 books during 2020, and this is current state: 3 books 100% completed, 3 moved to finish during 2021 and 2 are started.

It’s some crazy decision I know, but I got my “productivity” writing and having reflections about different topics. And now I’m adding categories to those writings, and adding them to books. During 2021 one book to be published will be in English. So far, all books are in Portuguese.

What about you? Share with me what are you trying lately? 

By the way, this is episode 80 from my podcast.

— Daniel Wildt

Extra: check the Episode 71 from Rework podcast, Try Everything.

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