Why you need a journal

You can’t define what’s going to happen with your life. But you can always define how you will handle a new situation in your life.

Knowing that, every day I stop and think about things I can celebrate and things I need to think/care about. Things I want to get better tomorrow. You can have different questions for a day, but I insist using the same set of questions for a while, so you can get deeper into your thoughts.

I use basecamp automatic checkins to help remind me about the process and also have a journal (red notebook) where I write using pen and paper sometimes. Usually when I’m feeling anxious I use this journal. I don’t write everyday, but I do think about those questions on a daily basis.

I name 3 achievements I had and 3 topics to care about tomorrow… that helps me to be present and finish the day.

But please… take care about what you do. Make sure you understand why you are doing it. Or… check this 😛

You need good habits, but don’t build a trap you will not be able to get out later on. Remember to live your life, and keep your self together. Doing nothing is ok. Breathing is not optional.

I know I’m better when I have space and I use writing to better decisions.

— Daniel Wildt

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