Inventing on Principle

How can we look at a problem with a different perspective? Building new ideas, moving all filters we have in front of us, will lead us to something different. If it’s good or not, you can figure out later, but why not leave some time for new ideas? What’s stopping us to do that?

Maybe it’s because we need something to move us? A purpose? Or maybe, a guiding principle?

There goes a video from Bret Victor, where he shows different ways to design information, on a better way to see it. It worth seeing every single minute of it. He talked about principles. Great talk. He also talked about Larry “No Modes” Tesler and some other people’s principles, like Alan Kay.

I think a great and important thought about the video, is that we can be recognised not by our craft… but for what we believe, for our identity.

— Daniel Wildt

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