Continuous Deployment Example? Flickr back in 2012!

People ask me examples related to Continuous Deployment and DevOps.

There are lots, but I would like to share one from July/2012.



Back in 2012, the last part of page was a pure example of continuous deployment. You could see the last time Flickr was deployed and who added features to the product.

The best thing about these disciplines (continuous delivery and deployment) is the continuous improvement flow you create in operations. And that will lead to a large number of improvements all around the organization.

It’s about setting a big goal with your team (realistic and specific) and look for best ways to deliver value to customers.

But not only that. We start to see some questions with a different view:

  • Why would a team need to wait for 3am to deploy a new version?
  • Why developers and operations team can’t have a good night of sleep?
  • Why people need to work for long hours during weeks and weekends, to deliver a new release after six months of uncertainty?
  • Why can’t we find a pace that can be really sustainable and provide life quality to team members?

If your team is searching for continuous delivery and deployment, there are some results expected:

  • + quality
  • + automation (tests, operations)
  • + productivity
  • + communication with customers

How is your team going with continuous delivery / deployment practices?

— Daniel Wildt (check other posts in English)

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