en: What would you do to change someone else’s world for better? Inspiration and effect!

Sometimes I see people saying that they don’t need to do anything to improve the world they live in, since they do their part, paying taxes. Some believe that government needs to take action.

I have another opinion about it, and as far as I know, lots of people have another opinion too.

In summary: What we have in place, it’s not enough. Waiting on government, will not help at all. We need action. We need to help people to take action. Let’s do it ourselves.

The thing is: people develop ways to do good to their communities, and therefore to their cities, countries and bingo, world!

But how? Is there a ticket to buy somewhere?

Do we need something huge like a “live aid“?


Do we need a disaster to happen, to start looking for these things?


Do I need to wait for World Social Forum to come to my country?


So, give one example of movement to help and/or follow!

Looking at software development world, we have opensource software, a movement that creates an environment for knowledge sharing. An environment that helps people all around the world to build better software, and have access to computer software with less costs.

With these things, other people can do good to their communities. That’s good.

That’s a way to help changing someone else’s world.

But, let’s take a look at “a thing” that is universal… music!

I’m gonna use as an example, Playing for Change.

Here’s a message: no matter who you are, no matter where you go in your life, at some point, you gonna need somebody to stand by you. Check this:

That turned out to become a movement all around the world, called playing for change.

But, how that’s relate to software world?

They did something and later on they realize that it was big and could become a movement to help people to help people. Musicians could make this happen.

So… we need to understand how to make a movement?

Maybe… check this TED.com talk about how to start a movement.

So this is all about following someone and help the movement to grow. Some movement you believe and want to help.

Here I go then. Follow me.

Well, every time I do an event related to technology, where I get a lot of people together, I do some action for those who need help, with donation of food or clothing.

It’s like a “presenting for change“, where you have people doing what they love to do, presenting technology, running coding dojos, but with a social action together with it. It is a simple way to continue being who you are, and doing what you do, but getting different results from your actions.

If you are working close to a technology users group (take Java or Ruby or Agile for instance), you can do that.
If you are doing an event, you can add some kind of donation to an entity that needs help in your event schedule.

So, all my events will have an entry pass, a donation?

Well, if it is a donation, you can’t make it mandatory. But, you can ask people to bring donations! They have a choice. Give them a choice. They will bring donations, if they want to!

So, bottom line is?

Look around and you will see that a lot of people need help. Check for nongovernmental organizations that need help. You will not be able to help them all. Help some of them, check for local needs, ask for help to understand and find organizations that need more help. And help them. With the help of your community. You will find people willing to help. Go for it.

Let’s Help It!

This post was first wrote in May 17th of 2010. It was on my draft since today. Since then I was searching for a way to help this new movement to happen. And here we go again. Let’s Help It! It is an open source software deployed in a free cloud environment, where you can add organizations near you. Therefore other people looking for organizations where they live, can look at that.

It took less than a month to build the first release of the software (from Aug 8th to Aug 31st), following Engineering practices from Agile Software Development Methodologies, with free time from a team of great developers, people I respect a lot. Thanks a lot to all people who made it happen and will continue. And if you want to make it happen too, help us to improve the software! Get in touch and play with us!

9 pensamentos sobre “en: What would you do to change someone else’s world for better? Inspiration and effect!

  1. Tony Robbins is classic, there’s a post getting ready about this video and other stuff about NLP that I’m studying.

    Great video regarding “Behavioral Economics of Intrinsic Motivation”.

    Simon Sinek, also great talk, I like that part about “why do you get out of bed in the morning? And why anyone would care…” 🙂 And also the metaphors on purpose and communicating inside out.

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