What is enough? It can mean so many different things…

If you are building a software product, enough is when we are already facing value from the result. We can decide to stop and focus on another aspect, since we are already getting what we were expecting to get.

If you are living a romantic/work/friend relationship, enough most of the times is not a good word to hear. Enough may be said in a context where you are facing your limits.

In a romantic relationship, enough is maybe saying that you not facing love anymore… it’s more likely you are already seeing a finish line. Just remember that in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

When thinking about friends, I have used the word enough in the past, to state that I already have a handful of close friends I can count on and a good amount of friends I can ask for help and work as a safety network for my life.

When thinking about stuff… you may want to get your space full of some sort of stuff… I’m more into a minimalist process, so when I buy a book, I’m thinking about giving that book away to someone after I read it.

Not the same if I’m thinking about electronic books… that’s sort of a collection to me. Actually, I believe enough is never present if we are talking about collections… people in this situation 😛 will be always looking for ways to expand, grow and learn more about the thing they are collecting.


— Daniel Wildt

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