Personal Maps to understand your current state. And maybe think about some goals?

So personal maps are ways to understand what are we focusing at this moment. You can think about things that describe you and things that can tell what you are trying to achieve. You can share goals and standards.

Here are two examples of sections you can use in your personal map.

Example 1 – Slide:

  • Areas you are focusing: your context
  • Where you can help: skills and subjects you believe you can help… those are also subjects you want to keep learning.
  • Goals: what are you going to accomplish? Fix a period, like year or semester ou quarter to follow.
  • How to contact me: preferences you have, channels people can use, how they can schedule a meeting with you.

Example 2 – Mental Maps, and you can choose areas you are going to focus. Share what you feel good about:

  • Work: what project and roles you are working with?
  • Education: what are you studying now? What’s your foundation?
  • Hobbies: side projects, sports, books, you tell!
  • Goals: what are you looking for?
  • Values and principles: tranquility, change, learning, what are yours?
  • Family and friends: you can share more about people you love and care.

You can think about different structures to share information about you.

— Daniel Wildt

Extra: more about the personal map practice.

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