Happiness is about being complete in ourselves and appreciative?

I’m in silence most of the times. Observing. Lots of times I just nod about something. You can see a face, some sort of a look. In most of those specific times, I’m 100% happy about me.

But… when I’m like that, some people say I’m unhappy. They say I’m sad, because I’m not talking all the time and not moving fast around the house.

And that’s pure judgement.

The question, the real question is how am I valuing what’s happening with me now?
What’s like being happy then?

I see happiness as moments, when:

When I’m on JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) mode, I feel happy, because I can see joy in what I’m doing and I feel a sense of purpose in whatever I’m accomplishing. And I can be in silence while doing all that.

When I’m training basketball alone, I know I’m looking at my body. And I want to be more conscious about the whole process.

When I’m thinking about questions. Curiosity makes me happy. Even when I’m trying to do something and failing all the times, I can feel happiness because I’m curious about how to make something work.

When I’m with friends, sharing questions and learnings from life quests. When I’m present and listening someone. When I can share how I’m really feeling.

Sometimes reading makes me happy. Sometimes looking at my cat playing around the house makes me happy. Sometimes the process of going to sleep in the middle of a game I’m watching makes me happy, maybe because of the JOMO process around it.

When I think about things I have accomplished, things I’m not even close to accomplish, things I’m thinking about right now, I appreciate the process. I see myself. I can see all pieces lacking in me. I can understand what I can do tomorrow for pure fulfillment.

— Daniel Wildt

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