Harvest time x planting time.

You need to understand that you can’t find results, outcomes, success, championships, victories, or any other word you may want to use, if you don’t have planting time.

Harvest time can’t happen without planting time. That’s pure nature… if you don’t plant it, you will not be able to harvest.

But when we look into other things like software or some other areas where projects happens:

Delivery can’t happen without discovery?

Execution can’t happen without planning?

You can find lots of examples of people delivering without planning, executing without a plan.

Pain lies in a place where you don’t understand your next step.

Daniel Wildt

If you can tell where you are, your next step and your desired outcome, trust me… you have a plan.

If that’s not the case, “…Stop, look, listen to your heart / Hear what it’s sayin’…“. If you don’t like Marvin Gaye, just stop and build a plan. A plan can be a timeline, a todo list, a simple backlog where you can understand what you know and can tackle, what you don’t know and need to learn more about and questions you need to create next.

— Daniel Wildt

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