Follow the syllabus

If you are running a study plan someone built for you, make sure you follow the process, at least in the beginning.

I’m like that. I usually follow a structure, but after some cycles I start to develop one of my own.

A syllabus will tell you basic things you need to understand, and will guide you to some specific sort of knowledge, skillset or even a certification path. That’s where I usually change paths.

I’m constantly connecting things I study to real life projects. So at some point I want to learn a bit about a subject, but right after I’m looking for ways to practice in my reality.

The way I connect to side projects are actually creating side projects to make sure I’m able to practice in my best possible way. Building a side project can be just about creating a content related project, something-that-may-become-a-real-app or even a new company where I can put everything in test, but not in a test environment. I need real life. We can discuss about pilots and maybe a safe environment to run a minimal viable project.

I need to make sure it will be using real people, real money and where I have a real opportunity to fail. Or succeed. But certainly, to learn something new.

— Daniel Wildt

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