The problem with Agile

Scrum is the problem! Are you sure?

I think that came from the same people saying that emails where a problem and saying that you can’t have a career working remotely. Also from people that are now updating their resource allocation spreadsheet figuring how resources will receive new tasks and how they will follow estimates made from other colleagues. (sorry if you feel bad after reading this sentence 😕)

Let’s get this correct. The problem was never Scrum itself. It’s just one of the ways to expose all flaws available inside corporate product governance. If you can’t have cadence, if you can’t evolve, if you can’t communicate, if you can’t replenish correctly, those issues will show up.

Other problem is related to titles instead of practice. People are into titles and certifications, instead of real documented life practice, living different roles and solving team problems.

Why is that a problem? Scrum expects you to be a practitioner. Actually, every aspect of life excellence is expecting lots of practice.

So… consider that Scrum is an empirical process to be applied and… I will let you do the math about why practice should be placed before certifications. 😌

Agile is not a good choice for some corporations, since it doesn’t let the HIPPOs say the direction other people need to obey.

Agile urges for continuous feedback from what’s happening. It expects you to listen to the team, customers and market. You can’t deny real life. So make sure you iterate and evolve in a continuously way.

In the end, if you don’t like Agile, you will figure that Agile is not the problem. It’s just you. And it’s all good, if you don’t need to work on projects that need to work alongside with uncertainty.

— Daniel Wildt

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