So… we start in bright colors and finish fading away?

I’m talking about an education revolution that should be in place everywhere. Sigh.

We start with lots of curiosity in place. We are capable to ask questions. We want to know all the answers. But soon we start seeing people telling us things are the way they are. People telling WHAT we need to learn and HOW we need to learn. And… could you elaborate on the why? They can… because they SAID so.

We start losing a whole set of colors we are able to see. Everything starts to fade, and we become a stardardized copy of someone who can FIT inside a corporate culture that makes sure you are a results driven person. Who can follow directions and obey leadership.

The problem with the “results driven” is that usually we have people living in “output driven”, not “outcome driven”. When thinking about outcomes, the expectation is that we need help to live through uncertainty. We don’t need an exact map (there’s no ready to use map actually). Instead, we need a sort of a compass where we can perceive some sort of direction and move with our own will. And curiosity.

We need a context where we can listen and read ideas. We need another context where we can discuss. Where we can understand and resonate with other people living the same challenges we are living.

How can we keep our colors bright as in the beginning? Could be as something related to the film Alike?

— Daniel Wildt

Extra: Back in 2012, Seth Godin did a lecture called “stop stealing dreams”, a TEDx Talk. There’s a book too. Ken Robinson did an awesome TED Talk about it, back in 2007. I have a project in Portuguese to increase awareness about learning and how we can create different structures. The subject is not new. And the continuous problems we have in place are neither.

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