Structure vs Strategy? Don’t let worlds collide.

Structure works somewhat like rules and they are not good if you are thinking about the future.

You may need to think about strategy and principles that help you set a foundation. But… you don’t want any sort of structure to damage your thinking process.

Mark Johnson says we can look in two ways:

  • Present Forward – iterative mode, from what’s currently happening. That can be good if you are into an optimizing process. But no good if you are trying to innovate.
  • Future back – set a future and find opportunities to innovate, to create different paths, detached from the current structure.

Don’t let structure get in the way of strategy.

As a business, you need to understand how to have operational conversation and to play into tactical and strategic conversations.

One key element of this process is about how you document what do you learn from practice and from working with different people in your company. I spend a lot of time in finding ways to keep knowledge flowing through the system.

— Daniel Wildt

Extra: Mark W. Johnson: Reinvent Your Business Model. If you have more time, check this other video where Mark talks innovation and growth and share thoughts about his book, Lead from the Future.

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