Safe or sorry?

Prevention is a good word when you are thinking about getting stuff done and execute on things you have figured out already. Just do more about what you are doing.

But… it’s no good at all if you are trying to create something new. You will fall at some point. You will have to say sorry a few (or more) times.

And like Demi Lovato… baby, I’m sorry (I’m not sorry), but that’s just life. 😀

You can choose to follow the same lane for the rest of your life. That’s ok. If you are ok with that. Don’t blame life or the universe. Just choose that if you are really into it.

But, if you are willing to create something new, you will need to get into different arenas. You will fail, you will lose. A good three point shooter gets 40 something percent of made shots. Forty percent. A really good shooter, like Ray Allen for instance.

When I’m learning, I’m ready to lose a lot of shots.

And depending on what you are trying to create, you may never stop learning. So, you don’t need to get used to fail, but make sure you are really into learning from your experiments.

— Daniel Wildt

Extra: check this Sorry not Sorry version from Pomplamoose.

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