Automate things, but make sure people care about it.

I was reading Icarus Deception, from Seth Godin, and there’s this awesome part that changed my world and connected to my lean thinking way of life. I got at the same part today, reading the book again. And it strikes like it was the first time.

It’s about how we “handle” people while automating and creating systems.

Some systems are expected to understand every detail of jobs executed, because if someone left the job, other person can show up and continue to do the same thing. Nothing will be lost.

Something like: make it narrow enough that people almost does not make part of the process. The process becomes the most important thing. If the person doing the job doesn’t care about the job, it’s fine. The process makes an extra effort to take care.

But… that’s not how you win the infinite game.

You need people that care about what they do. Even if your product is not good right now, you need people that care about it. People interested in making it a great product at some point. They understand the vision? They will help you to get there.

A Process exist for a reason: to connect People to their Purpose. It’s that easy. It’s pure Womack wisdom. You don’t use a process do create a mold. You use it to maximize the possible outcome!

— Daniel Wildt

Extra: read Icarus Deception too. 😀

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