Pick you!

I’m not a good basketball player, and I can understand the feeling to be the last pick. But… there’s a good thing about this. I know that most of the times people are expecting nothing from me.

That’s a great feeling. Let me explain.

I can try, miss, fail, since no one is waiting nothing from me. But, it’s not a responsibility free movement. If I shoot the ball twice and fail twice, people will complain. Even if no one is expecting something, it’s your responsibility if you choose to shoot the ball.

If you are planning a project, make sure you are able to run by yourself. It can take longer, but don’t let the “I need someone to pick me” happen to you.

If you are doing something, it’s all your responsibility.
Don’t let life tell you nothing different.

— Daniel Wildt

P.S.: Other than pickup basketball, always choose you!

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