The “eject” life mode. What’s yours?

I live my life just the way it is. But I have what I call the “eject mode”.

If the worst financial thing happens, what would I do?

What would be my real expenses to “keep going”?
What would be my “emergency money”?

You don’t want eject mode to happen, but I think about it as a “memento mori” style question.

Keep going list: what I would continue doing?

  • Projects I would continue running: I may need to stop some projects or I would need to decrease the amount of energy I use in them. And for some projects, I would need to increase energy because they have more potential, financially.
  • Services I would keep the subscription: may be a downgrade, or even an upgrade considering projects I would prioritize. Some services have some free option that can help for a while. Here goes life insurance and other basic services that I would definitely consider to keep. By the way, the place you live, things you eat. They are all part of services you somehow use.

Emergency money, what it is? How many months you need to “stabilize” yourself? Three months, six, maybe one year? This money can help you to live your life in a sabbatical mode, where you live your life just the way it is but without revenue streams. I consider applying part of the eject mode here, to increase the number of months I have available to thing about life and get back on some track.

These are questions we don’t want to make. But in a minimalist way to see the world… thinking about the eject mode may put you in a position where you can find lots of things you don’t need at this moment. Is this necessary? That can be a question to help filter what do you really need.

— Daniel Wildt

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