Teaching is ok, mentoring will get you close to real life practice

One of the things I like to say to people learning about software development is that they should be reading more. You need to practice, you need to write code, but don’t forget to read code.

That isn’t different if you are becoming a writer… you should read more. Reading makes you reason about what you are going to focus.

Reading more is like a principle to research and learn a bit, before starting. I’m not telling you to read the whole manual, though. 😛

I was checking Dave Thomas interview about The Pragmatic Programmer 20 Years Later, and it’s a great one. Check at least the interview later on minute 43:

Teaching is awesome, I love it. Mentoring people in real life and helping when they are interacting with the real world is even greater. I believe we all need mentors.

If you are able to walk together with people for a while, helping on their paths, not only questioning but getting close to some of the real life situations, I believe you will make great difference.

— Daniel Wildt

Extra: read The Pragmatic Programmer book.

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