Fear in the workplace. Do you believe this thing still exists?

I can’t understand why some people think they have the right to use fear to “lead” people in 2021.

We need to accept the responsibility to build safe spaces inside companies.
We need to create safety, not fear.

Sometimes it seems like a stupid thing, but I see people creating situations to make other people fear so they can show their “power”.

I also see people making it difficult. They want to be convinced of things they’re not even responsible. We shouldn’t need to “sell psychological safety” or convince people of the need to create space for real conversations.

There’s so much going on in our lives that I don’t see it as optional. We need to create environments where we can hear.

People need to make it their responsibility to look out for other people, regardless of their position. It’s a need to understand how we can help other people with their challenges.

Eliminate fear! How to start? Look around. Be intentional. Listen, Work together to solve issues. Add patience. Add persistence. Look for progress.

If you need help, let me know. I can help you.

— Daniel Wildt

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