Paper prototyping

When we are building new software or even a new feature, we are looking for ways to engage customers. We want to create traction, not friction.

We start (actually it’s a lifetime job) by finding a value proposition to a specific customer segment. At the same time, we want to find ways to bring those users and also ways to keep them close to our business.

Not an easy process.

We need to build, before measure and learn. We need to experiment. But you can start with paper. Paper? Try paper prototyping before building the real thing. Find close users who can give you feedback considering possible flows and interactions. Confirm intent. Be intentional.

We want to understand if we are building something that can help. We need to validate as soon as possible, before we hit real life.

Use paper prototyping (actually any low resolution tool) to start understanding about the problem. It’s an awesome way to help teams to understand more about a feature purpose from a customer perspective.

It’s simple, and effective! It can be even a marketing tool. 😀

— Daniel Wildt

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