Bad decisions make good stories

This sentence hit me today. I was listening to a book called Tools of Titans, from Tim Ferriss. It’s like a huge summary of the Tim Ferriss podcast.

Bad decisions should make us learn something, right? And not only that.

I was thinking about what could I write about today. I was giving a class today about decisions, journeys and discovery mode. I had the same class last month. But the class was totally different from the one last month.

I brought different stories, different perspectives. I had different people attending and listening and bringing different questions.

During more than one hour, I was talking about a set of stories that were pure failure and frustration, but those stories made me who I am. I was happy talking about those stories and bringing the best from those moments. I’m glad I had the opportunity to live my life the way I did.

And ready for what can happen next.

— Daniel Wildt

Extra: Tim Ferriss podcast interview with Myers Briggs, where I listened the “bad decisions make good stories“. If you prefer, read the book Tools of Titans. I’m loving it (I’m 5 hours left to finish the total of 22 hours).

Extra 2: this post reminded me of a song recorded by George Benson called Greatest Love Of All (first appeared at the movie The Greatest from 1977), and later recorded by Whitney Houston… yeah old song I know, but this part is great: “If I fail, if I succeed… At least I’ll live as I believe“.

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