Let me do this!

It can be dangerous. And we need safety. I agree.

Can we get trust and autonomy too?

Can we get some space to experiment?

Gever Tulley talks about dangerism, like a belief system where we see risk and danger in lots of things that don’t connect with real world risks.

And Gever says we should let kids do some things in order to create habits and better life on the long run. I don’t to give spoilers about the talk, but I will say how I connect with the talk. I will give 5 things we can use daily (not only with kids):

  1. We must interact with real world and observe what’s happening. That can help us understand future references.
  2. We must experience our limits (with safety) and understand what we can and cannot do because there’s something missing. Maybe we don’t know something, maybe we are missing a skill. Maybe it’s because that can be really dangerous. 🙂
  3. We must understand cause and effect of things we do and understand what are natural events we can learn from the world we are facing.
  4. Play with scientific method, where we can try things, fail and learn about what’s happening. We can add manual labor, physics, chemistry, electronics, music, programming and other things that can help us play with the concept.
  5. Sometimes we need to fail badly to learn. Sometimes there are stupid things that we could learn from others about not doing, but we need to do.

It’s life.

— Daniel Wildt

Watch / Listen: Gever TED U Talk about 5 dangerous things we should let our kids do.

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