Zero expectations

You should expect nothing from other people.

Well, I would double that!

I have zero expectations about myself too.

Actually there are three things I truly expect daily about myself:

  1. Journaling (~ 2-3 lines)
  2. Blog (~ 1500 characters)
  3. Walk at least 1km (146km so far in 2021)

And monthly I have only one expectation:
At least 2500 made shots recorded on HomeCourt.

All other things are projects and progress. Those above are foundations that help make everything else possible.

After this reflection I did a new episode to my podcast! Episode #85: Zero expectations!

— Daniel Wildt

Extra 1: This post was written after I was reading a post from Gary Vaynerchuk.

Extra 2: You can find my podcast in different platforms: spotify, itunes, and others.

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