Openness and NVC

In places where people practice openness, I find people willing to listen and to provide more questions to what’s being said, instead of getting on defense mode.

When working with people related with the concept of non violent communication (NVC), I find people more interested in listening and willing to solve the real issue more and more. Sometimes I don’t have the space to listen carefully and I can find space to say this.

Calm is enabled. Tranquility is available. This is also related to being able to produce work in a consistent way. You need to build a place and a pace where you can respect your time working. How do you handle interruptions? Being available is not related to being 100% free for people. What about you?

Think about chunks of work. Think about time chunks for nothing. These are the times where you can read, find new project, new people, new opportunities to improve and better understanding about your work and your practice .

This is not a single meeting or document to define your process. Because it is a process. You need to understand more about your projects and your consistency.

— Daniel Wildt

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