So I was looking for pictures related to consistency and a quote came by:

If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent you will keep it.

No idea who wrote this. 😀

I love the idea about being persistent, but you may use a lot of energy to get into a certain point. The question is about actually about doing what you do… it’s about how long can you keep doing what you do with the same energy.

Results are not related to effort. The results of a project can become pretty bad if you put 100% of you into it. It’s not straightforward. Sometimes we need to make sure we can balance our life and understand how much of you is needed into each project. Again, because we need to keep the energy running.

And here’s where the word consistency becomes so much important. Every time I start a new project I want to understand the energy applied and how to keep it going.

This is not about hours applied. Some projects take me 4 hours a month, but I can’t add more hours into those. Too much energy drained. I like the idea about the project, but can’t dedicate more time into it, not because of my schedule, but because of the energy that I need to apply.

So, the BIG question is about how can you keep consistency working. If you lose that, you get lost outside the project. And understand that sometimes the comeback energy needed can be even higher than the initial one.

Consistency is key.

— Daniel Wildt

Extra: the picture that started this.

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