Writing to improve thinking

I was thinking about me during my nineteen years old time, where I was totally focused on not being two things: 

  • Writer
  • Lecturer

I just wanted to write code. Fast forward some years and I write to software development magazines and later on became a lecturer on undergrad courses and started a blog. Not quite as I expected, I should say. 🙂

Today I do daily writings and work with different kinds of content. Text newsletter every Tuesday, Video every Monday / Wednesday and Audio (podcast and audios to Telegram Channels). 

Every idea I have becomes a new doc inside some tool. Now I use my Basecamp to this job (used to be Ulysses and Evernote).

Every text starts in a “Todo” folder, where I have just the idea and some sentences. If I start writing more and more in a structured way, the text goes to “Doing” folder. And I keep it there there until it’s published somewhere. Can be a book, a blog post, a new lecture, a new training or my next newsletter. 

But, I have come to understand the process to make ideas grow through continuous small increments. Sometimes I do start and finish at the same day, but it’s not the default.

The important thing is: I have a calm space and time to write and choose ideas to continue working on. And if some new idea comes up, I have space for them too.

I do have some goals related to writing, meaning books I want to see happening and things like that. But I have understood that I can write when I need. I don’t need to feel inspired. This is very important to me too.

And also, I do understand about limits and constraints I have applied to avoid any sort of burnout… no more than 1 hour a day writing. No more than 15 thousand characters per writing session. If I feel like writing a little bit more, I can, but I don’t have to.

I’m always on learning mode, understanding more about my writing process. Small increments is my process.

— Daniel Wildt

Extra: Reference from Tim Ferriss, that I’ve listened before starting to write this text, back in April 2020.

Extra 2: Writing and space to better decisions, episode 73 of my podcast, Business Tranquility, published back in April 2020.

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