E-mail is the root cause?

People lives are getting worse over the years. And email is the root cause. W00t?

Emails are the problem? Lots of people are feeling anxious and unable to understand that emails are an informative and long format asynchronous way to communicate. No need to continue arguing right?

So what’s the problem?

People believe they need to answer every single email in a minute. Emails are not the problem. Not even close. Notifications may be the issue, anxiety, lack of tranquility, lack of continuous silent time to work… I can name 100 other possibilities other than email.

A tool is not responsible for the result. The way you apply the tools make the whole difference.

— Daniel Wildt

Extra: post that made me write this post.

Extra 2: understanding about how to engage in communication and how to communicate is important. The Basecamp example.

Extra 3: Are you busy? Or is it just noise?

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