Time sharing people

True. Some people don’t have a clue about their time and responsibilities. They live in a “time sharing” system that needs to go away. They are usually in auto pilot mode jumping from one agenda to another. Their done system is based on hours worked or a busy feeling.

Our responsibility system needs to be updated. And “time consciousness add on” too. 😀

By doing that we have to do, we need to make sure we understand what’s the current priority. There can be only one! 😛 There’s no need to be jumping from one context to another. This is about living a life that is meaningful, with the understanding that we are what we do.

If you measure progress, you look for for progress.
If you are measuring hours, you are only a time keeper.
It is possible to have hours + progress, because you don’t want to spend so much time doing something specific. But it’s not about keeping yourself busy. It’s about time constraints / protection.

For instance, I don’t write during more than one hour a day. That’s my current mode, because I need to practice in real life to continue writing.

Make sure you are living and looking for progress. Not in tasks executed, but in understanding who you are now. We are a process, a continuous learning process.

— Daniel Wildt

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