What you do when you are done?

Maybe nothing?

Some people want to understand exactly what’s next. They can’t procrastinate. They need to be productive busy. They have an updated todo list. They don’t have the last one because none of it was checked done, so they built a new fresh one to establish proper priority. 😛

What about some time to clean up and chill? How can you create a process where you find time to fuel up with new energy?

One thing I’m learning a lot is to understand the types of energy I need to run some sort of activity. Analytical? Do I need to listen? Do I need to create questions? Do I need to think and write? Diagrams? What do I need? That helps me planning the day, week, month… doesn’t matter.

When we play with pomodoro technique, there’s the 5 minute slack and the 1 pomodoro slack after you’ve done some of them. Those are spots to create a moment to understand what’s next or what’s the current progress of your work.

We usually need some sort of data to figure how we are doing. That’s why we have OKRs, KPIs or any other metric procedure to understand our moment.

I have this minimum set of metrics and goals for each project, where I want to understand more about me doing what I’m doing. The set of metrics is not only to measure results but to help me understand about my process and my progress.

Am I overwhelmed? I’m cool about what’s happening? Should I continue? Should I move to another goal? Should I stop? What should I do next?

Make sure you have moments to clean up and maintain your process lean. If you can do what you do in an easier way, that may be your next thing to take care.

Make sure you are measuring progress, not only results. Take care of yourself.

— Daniel Wildt

Extra: I like to build a songdoro sometimes, to chill.

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