Proaction Cafe

Think about a way to bring people together and make them able to help, co-create and grow projects. I thought about different approaches, small groups, time management and different sorts of dynamics.

But when I found proaction cafe something clicked.

A powerful connection, people eager to help and get help, people filled with abundance and the opportunity to unlock people and projects.

It’s an awesome feeling. How it works?

Check who is available to share about projects. Split people into different tables or rooms if you are in zoom/meet. I like to use a number of 4-6 people per project. One of the people is the responsible / owner of the project. That person is fixed and will keep the conversation going on during the whole cycle.

Consider three rounds where people will help projects considering different questions:

  • Round 1: what is the question behind the call / question / project. This is an opportunity to find out a question that can represent what this project is all about.
  • Round 2: what is missing (what else do we need to know). A great opportunity to find related projects, people you should connect, people you should read / listen that can help you understand more about the project.
  • Round 3: what am I learning (myself / project) / next steps / what help I still need. This is the moment to prepare to continue the journey. What are you going to do next? After all information received and co-created, what else do you need?

Only your project? No problem. You can do this by yourself or call people to help your project only. I would to 10-20 minutes per round at least if you are playing this dynamic. If you have the time consider doing 30mins to each round plus 30mins as a retrospective moment to understand what people have learned running this process.

— Daniel Wildt

Extra: a vídeo about proaction cafe and other methods related to art of hosting.

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