Listen, listen, listen

Talk, but make sure you listen even more.

Find what’s your customer need.

Don’t throw a product or service into your customer. You are not just handling a service. You are building a journey, an experience.

It’s not based on any sort of magic or mental trigger. It’s just based on real conversations. It’s based on patience and to find this structure where you can understand how can you create and emerge knowledge as you help companies to achieve better results.

And remember: to sell something we don’t need magic, although here we have a magician showing how to sell a pen: 😀

It’s been a long time since I don’t have standard products or services, looking at my training services business. It’s a choice, where I put myself in a position where I listen and I create something new for each new customer. I use my past experiences to create new ones for sure, but I’m not trying the sell the same box to every opportunity.

— Daniel Wildt

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