Everybody wants to rule the world. But why?

So I was watching a lecture from Steve Wozniak and during the lecture he was talking that above your abilities and your capabilities, you need to have a desire, you need to want something. I’m thinking about me creating something. When building Apple, they were looking for ways to empower people. Not to have power and control. They were looking for more consciousness.

That’s different if you are “looking for something”. Seth Godin talks about wants x needs. People need “things”. They may want things, but that’s different and volatile.

That’s where we creators connect. If you are about to connect to what people want, that’s shallow, that’s not a long term process. “Buy this course, it will change your life, and I know that even not knowing nothing about you. Bye bye”. But if the person needs something that some of our creations can fulfil, that’s the ticket. That’s a true connection. If you are trying to connect with what people need, because you heard from them, you will get there.

Seth talks about a minimum viable audience, MVA. That’s the minimum amount of people that can relate to what you are building. They want to understand the process, the cause. They are connected to you, they want to share their thoughts and needs. Connect with that, and you will be creating our true fans. Remember Kevin Kelly’s a thousand true fans essay?

Do you know my Minimum Viable Audience? It’s not a million people. For my Portuguese content project, I want to connect to a hundred people. Just that. http://apoia.se/dwildt.

For my English project, I want to connect to 100 people too. I believe they will be people from my original network. They want to improve their English by connecting to topics they need to maximize understanding. http://patreon.com/dwildt

So, again, like the Tears For Fears Song, everybody wants to rule the world, I keep asking myself why we want to control stuff. We don’t need control. You need a safety network, a safe place where we can be ourselves. Where we can ask without thinking about what people would think about. The smallest possible one. That’s what I’m into. I see great people and I connect them. I wanna see the greatness of the people I’m helping more closely. I want them to succeed and I’m doing it teaching and advising them about the stuff I’m experienced at. I can’t help everybody in a more close way.

Our life is not based on power and control. That’s a shallow process. After you got the control and power you believe you need, what’s next? More power and control? Why? My belief is that our life is based on the amount of people we connect and truly help. That’s the mission I want to follow. Help people to become more aware, more conscious about their needs.  

— Daniel Wildt

Available (soon) at Wild Management book. 

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