Profitability now

I was able to help. It was not a problem. I can do this. We can do this. Let’s make it happen. That was my structure for a long time. Zero percent focus on profits. Just impact. But then the money went away and I was unable to continue helping.

How to make things sustainable, with abundance, with energy?

Then I remember when I first read about Lean Canvas and Running Lean book, and that break even discussion got me thinking. And lately a writing from Derek Sivers made me stop again.

Well… I was checking this marvellous text from Derek Sivers, called “you need to be profitable to last” and I was amazed about the amount of money I put in front of initiatives because “I was able to”. 

Back in 2018 I’ve decided to choose a different path to this process. I have decided to define a strict budget to projects and make those projects become not my personal initiatives but make those projects to have names, needs and plans. I need to see them grow or fail or even stall at some point.

Now actually every single project I come up with got this structure where I need to understand my perspective but find ways to make those projects to happen and to help a well defined community.

— Daniel Wildt

About the Running Lean Book.

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