Thoughts on software delivery

… or the fear inside teams when we are thinking about a deploy.

I know code quality is 110% important, the ability to read code and how to make easier to the next person working on the code.

But when I think about software delivery I remember a basketball coach I had. He said something like “look at the rim always, attack the basket”. He said that when we were too focused on passing the ball without looking at the basket for a possibility to score.

With that being said:

1) Release it! (post). Make sure you are creating reference based on real stuff created. Release it for real people.

2) Remove fear. I see people complaining about Friday deploys. That is not the problem. The problem is the fear within that. Make sure you have a process that enables deploy and faster rollback.

3) “Deploy software” is different than “release software”. You can deploy daily but you need a plan to release to people who uses your software. And here you can think about why would you release software on Friday, considering that no one will be there to help people if they need help. That is where you choose not to release software on Fridays. It is always an option.

You will need to deploy and release software on Friday someday. May be some law change, a bug, I don’t know. Make sure you have the structure to make that happen, without the need to call a super hero. Remember: remove fear.

— Daniel Wildt

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