Muddling up life goals… please don’t.

I will do whatever comes up. Can you think about that? But how is the sound of letting anything set your focus to who knows where?

I believe doing nothing is more difficult than doing anything. Can you take responsibility and do nothing for a day, a week, a month? When I’m saying do nothing, I mean doing just what is already there. Meetings, activities, something you have to deliver.

But when I do nothing, I can see the noise going away. I’m able to start looking at me, about the way I breathe. I start to see some cracks when I look at a specific project.

Now, instead of going for something new, I can see what I need to learn from what I already have in front of me. I can come up with new questions, but to cope with old problems.

And now it’s different. I have the time to take care of it. I’m not trying to create anything new. I’m not finding new problems. I AM THE PROBLEM. Life gets easier when I take responsibility, that’s all I can say.

You never heard me saying I’m guilty right? I can feel shame or embarrassed. That can be part of the problem, but I’m ready to feel that part.

I’m ready to understand the problem and become part of the current situation, before I head into the solution.

The responsibility is mine.

— Daniel Wildt

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