Be yourself as hard as you can.

Document what you do. Find your passions. Every step you take, every move you make, document it. Thanks The Police. Anyways, don’t start asking for help and someone to save you, before you even tried anything. I was reading this great piece from Derek Sivers, about showing success before asking for help.

I believe it’s the same process from jab, jab, jab, and then you can throw a right hook. The right hook is a request, but you have give so much to people that they are willing to help you. Maybe not with money, but they might know someone. So they help connecting ideas. They can do something for your process. They help you to continue your momentum.

And this is a lesson I’ve learned through +20 years creating content and sharing with people.

“Show that you’re going to be successful without their help. Show that you have momentum. If they want to accelerate or amplify your success, they will have to pay to ride your train.”

— Derek Sivers (Show success before asking for help)

— Daniel Wildt

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