The number is 38!

Back in July 19th 2017, I have started an channel.

I’ve first heard of anchor by Gary Vaynerchuk and it was “love at first publish“. 😀

So far (Jan 2nd 2019) I’ve published 38 episodes! I just press Rec and start talking. No edition (sometimes a backtrack). It’s a 100% heart and soul speaking about a specific topic.

I’m doing this to practice my English. I want to be able to think about stuff in English. So this helps me to keep my practice, not only writing about stuff but also speaking out about it.

My last episode of 2018 was about being yourself. We wanna be a lot of things. But we are here. We have ourselves. And we want to be someone else? I can’t handle that. You have the most valuable thing, you! So… be yourself! We are unique, we are able to improve. We are able to connect and build our safety network.

If you need help, get in contact! I can try to help and if I can’t, I can surely find someone who can help you out.

Wanna listen to my podcast? Choose your platform: anchor, itunes, spotify… find other platforms on

— Daniel Wildt

Picture: You are here.
Music: Be Yourself (Audioslave).

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