Do you need permission?

Do you need permission to change? Do you need permission to start some new project? Are you waiting on a friend? Or waiting on yourself?

To change something we need three things:

desire + permission + know how = change

You may want to do something. That’s ok, but not enough. You may want to do something, and you may know how to get it done. That’s not enough. You need something extra.


But why? Why can’t we just do what we need to do?

I know I want to write more about my  stuff. I know I want to make money doing more online trainings. I know I want my basketball business to grow. I know I want my mentorship business to grow. But, what’s holding me back? I have the people to do these projects happen with me. I have people, I can create time, so what’s holding me back?


But from who? I’ve already called my mother and my father. They are ok with me building new ventures and doing my writing and my trainings. Do I need permission from you? Maybe that’s the case… can you add a comment giving me your permission to start doing what I believe it’s the greatest value I can provide do you? I’m for real here. Please do it.

What’s next? Well, I will wake up 6am starting April 12, 2018. I will work for one hour and a half, doing three songdoros, to get stuff done. To produce content, produce videos, produce value to my community.

I’m on. I’m ready. Are you?

— Daniel Wildt

P.S.: Thanks to Escola Livre, the school where I’ve studied Neurolinguistics Programming, and where I’ve started to understand more about my process to change.

P.S.2: GaryVee talks about permission a lot. Here’s his rant.

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