Pay it forward

Pay it forward. One of patterns I use daily. And I discovered that listening to Victor Hwang back in 2013.

The subject? The rainforest. I’ve watched a great presentation about “the rainforest concept“, where one would want to build a new silicon valley. A place with innovation and collaboration principles that enables new ideas and concepts to come alive.

But… The best thing after all the presentation was a rule: pay it forward.

When someone gives you a favor, what do you do? Don’t think about paying back. I owe you one. No… here’s the real deal: give that same kind of favor to someone else who needs that.

Flow. Let it flow.

Instead of building a two way connection, that is already there, we start a network. We create knowledge.

— Daniel Wildt (check other posts in english / check my channel)

P.S.: Check the presentation about The Rainforest concept  @ slideshare:

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