Stop doing Agile, Daniel. 

Ok, some people say Agile is dead, Agile is sick… so they told me not to use Agile.

I will. And I promisse I will not use the word Agile again. And starting NOW, I promisse I will run projects with the rules bellow:

  • help teams to understand project goals with business goals.
  • build small iterations to check project progress with real customers.
  • help teams to continuously improve and show how they can do by themselves.
  • develop autonomy and less fragile teams / individuals by sharing more responsibility.
  • work on root causes and leadership development. Build prevention.
  • deliver and celebrate results.
  • teach people to share and create knowlege together.

But I will never use the word Agile again. I promisse! 🙂

— Daniel Wildt

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