Perfectionism is a search, not a goal

When looking at Lean (Thinking) we can check five principles:

  1. Identify value. So, in everything you do, check for its value. Remember: value comes from the customer perspective. So, in order to identify value, you need to wear your customer shoes. 🙂
  2. Value Stream Map. Get one of your work items. Track all available states for that item. Figure out where the work gets done, and where you have to wait for something or someone. We want to understand opportunities to improve flow. And most of all, we want to find bottlenecks.
  3. Flow. We want to be fluid. You know that “be like water” thing? Make sure work does not get stuck. Find about queue stages you need and make sure those queues help you and your team to keep flow working.
  4. Pull your work.Cadence is key. We want our working systems to become something that we can relate. Something that we can develop some sort of cause.
  5. Seek for perfection. But be sure to understand that you will never get to perfection.

If you want to get into “perfection mode”, prepare yourself to become a sick person. Good enough is good enough. We can always improve, but be grateful for what you have now.

— Daniel Wildt (check more posts in english)

P.S.: Actually, looking at the prime directive of retrospectives, you are enough. But that’s subject to another blog post. 🙂

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