Just into gaming, to a new level.

Broadcasting live video. Periscope may be today’s top pick, but some of you may heard of justin.tv. Well, the service is not working anymore. But this is not the point.

Justin.tv began as an experiment, broadcasting life, like a reality show channel host. But… it’s not here anymore. Is it bad?


The service was the service used for a live broadcasting of Startup Lessons Learned Conference back in 2011. Just great service.

Well, it moved to a next level, with twitch.tv, broadcasting people playing games and live championships. Broadcasting video with a live chat included. Justin.tv awesomeness! And so justin.tv team did like a “zoom in” and they are now focused 100% on twitch and gameplay!

Gameplay is huge business nowadays. Example? Check this TEDxTalk:

— Daniel Wildt

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