Why people can’t work at work

Working and interruptions…

The thing about working and interruptions is that we have to know when to say “NO”.

Jason Fried (@jasonfried) from Basecamp talked about why people can’t work at work.

We accept multi-tasking, we accept interruptions every time during a day. We accept meetings being called on whatever time people feel like having a meeting.

We accept other people lack of planning to become our urgency.


So we need to protect our time!

We need to find spots to focus on tasks from start to finish. You can bring your time back to your control.

There are techniques to help on that process, like using Getting Things Done (GTD) and other techniques like Pomodoro Technique. If you prefer you can try one “tweak” I did, using a playlist instead of a timer and adding the power song principle some runners like to use. I call it Songdoro.

— Daniel Wildt

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