First time I saw Gary Vaynerchuk 

Hey Daniel, check this guy talking about marketing and social media. This was 2011.

And booom! An explosion. And bad words all around the place. And lots, lots of real life content.

I’ve found Gary Vaynerchuk. 🙂

What kind of content to post. How to engage? How to create context, and not only content? Entrepreneurship? Building a company? Finding real customers?

Yes. Gary has content and context about it.

First book was The Thank You Economy.

First talk? This keynote bellow:


  • 25mins, to be aware of your customer, do some social engineering and understand the value you can generate to your customers.
  • 37mins, the social web… on how to make your talk to your customers come from the heart. Bring emotion to play with you. And Gary gives an alert… to understand that everything we do from the heart, will become a tactic. So we need to make sure we are doing this because we fell like doing it. It’s a shift in the attitude to help customers. The Thank You Economy.
  • 56mins, how to bring the conversation to an emotional center. How to understand the customer base, creating relationship with customers. Turning customers into friends of the business. Map who they are socially, to listen to what they talk about.

If you want to learn more about Gary, learn more about A thousand videos published! And now you can follow Gary doing the #AskGaryVee Shooooooow!

— Daniel Wildt

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