en: Card, Conversation, Confirmation (a.k.a 3C’s)

index cards
Index cards are a great way to keep track of new ideas for a software product. The good thing about them is because they are limited. You can’t get all information into one. And that’s a really good thing. Trust me.

Back in 2003 when I started learning eXtreme Programming, I’ve heard of a story from Ron Jeffries about 3C. And that’s something truly valuable I teach every time I have the chance to.

The 3C concept is based on writing down an idea to an index card, so we can remember about that idea later on. That’s our first “C”.

What we need next is to generate conversations. We need to validate that new idea, with people that can help on that topic. The best thing about having conversations, is to come up with examples that can validate the idea. If it’s a calculation, samples of those. This way, the card becomes “executable”. A card may have extra documentation to help on that process.
And that’s our second “C”. These conversations can help the team to identify some card attributes, like a sense of “value”, priority, risk, whatever-attributes-your-team-likes-to-use.

The third “C” is about confirmation. Having conversations with customers will help us to understand how to validate that card, to make sure that new functionality is ready to go. So that’s what you have to look for, confirmation! From your customers! They will validate and make your idea grow.

What else for index cards?

I saw Jessica Hagy’s Indexed website by a reference from my sister. You can find a book from her at Amazon if you want to.

The thing is: an index card can do a lot to you. Even help you to keep a great conversation flow with your customers. Try it!

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